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Курсы английского,немецкого и французского в Череповце!

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Landmark Intermediate Workbook

Landmark Intermediate Workbook

350 руб.
250 руб.

Landmark is a two-level general English course which recognizes that learners at intermediate and upper-intermediate levels already have a strong background in the language. Landmark builds on what students know, encouraging them to review their knowledge continually and to assess how well they can apply it. At the same time, Landmark develops their levels of fluency, accuracy and confidence.

  • Fresh topics get students thinking and speaking.
  • A strong focus on skills pushes students to extend their knowledge and ability.
  • Texts and tasks help students explore and activate their vocabulary.
  • Authentic listening tasks raise awareness of features of natural conversation.
  • A practical approach to writing.
  • An active discovery approach to grammar guides students to work out patterns and rules for themselves.
  • Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate levels have authentic reading with supportive tasks and graded exposure to authentic listening.
  • Advanced level has unscripted recordings and authentic texts to challenge and stimulate the adult learner. Also has short units to avoid topic fatigue.