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Курсы английского,немецкого и французского в Череповце!

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Business Assignments  (Information File)  OUP

Business Assignments (Information File) OUP

550 руб.
300 руб.
English level: Advanced / Upper-Intermediate

Ken Casler and David Palmer with Paul Raimond and Teresa Woodbridge


Курс английского языка для делового общения


International business case studies providing a challenging simulations package for business learners.

How can it be used?

  • The video component can be used on its own with groups, individuals and for self-access. The video is supported by an Activity Book for students and a Video Guide for teachers.
  • The video can also be used with the additional audio and written components to create a versatile and sophisticated case study package.
  • The cases can be used in any order, and entirely independently of each other.

Who is it for?

  • Middle and senior managers.
  • Management trainees.
  • Students preparing for a career in management.

Key features

  • Self-standing, international case studies present learners with the challenge of working in English in order to get to grips with a variety of business situations.
  • Extensive input material, including written, audio, and video components build a realistic and motivating business problem. This culminates in a challenging and authentic simulation, or assignment.
  • Key areas of business language are covered, including presentations, negotiations, management meetings, and technical briefings as well as informal socializing.
  • The material is credible to the business expert, yet accessible to the non-specialist teacher.

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